An Education Institution of Believers Church

CCA Activities

chavara-drAcademic activities are properly supplemented by a variety of co-curricular activities. Training is given in art, vocal music, instrument music, dance and karate. We have students’ leader ship council which functioning well.


Clubs and activities are conducted every week to supplement academics. We have a Maths club, Science club, IT club, Eco club, Social Science Club and debating club.


Festivals of national and international importance are celebrated in the school. Onam, Christmas, Teachers Day, Children’s day, Independence Day etc are celebrated in all its dignity. During Christmas children sing carols, enact biblical skits, exchange gifts and listen to Christmas message delivered by eminent clergies. Onam is celebrated by making floral designs, plane traditional games and relishing the Onam feast .In addition, arts festival is conducted where students compete in literary and art events and win prizes.

Student Council

 BCMPS has a student’s council of elected/nominated representatives from each class under the leadership of a Head Boy & Head Girl.

Nature Club

Our Nature Club has always been committed to sensitizing the students on issues relating to environmental degradation. It gives awareness to the students on various environmental problems and the necessity to overcome those hazards by initiating various measures.

Housewise Competitions

All students are belonged a House under the leadership of a teacher and two representatives from the senior classes. The main goal behind this system is to build a friendly and co-operative attitude among children and to mould the leadership qualities of children.

Charity Works

We have given special attention to charity programs by organizing ‘Good Samaritan Project” to help the poor and needy people by receiving funds from parents and well wishers                            

Physical Education

We have also given importance to the physical growth of our children. We provide provisions for games like Football, Kho-kho and athletics.

Exposure Visits/Tours

Students are taken for field trips, excursions, visit to orphanages, study tours etc as part of their educational programs. This includes visit to amusement parks, historical heritage sites, science museums, educational exhibitions and fairs. Students are made to write a report on what they see and observe around them.

Scholarships Concessions

Scholarships and fees concessions are given to the meritorious and the deserving students.50 % fees concession is given to the children of the staff members. Fee concessions are given to the economically backward students depending on their annual income. Merit scholarships are also given to the academically bright students from each standard.