An Education Institution of Believers Church



In a short span of time since 5th June 2002 BCMPS has made significant impact in the field of pre-school learning. Students are given training, aiming at their mental and physical developments via play-way method. Here they acquired with alphabet, identifying pictures and objects around them. All these are done in a much disciplined way, following the guidelines prescribed by the CBSE curriculum. Our KG section functions in a very spacious and beautifully decorated building in a homely atmosphere.

Some salient features of our preschool are the following

  • Activity oriented Curriculum.
  • Every child has treated as a unique individual.
  • Provisions for Indoor-outdoor games
  • Well furnished class rooms.
  • Audio-Visual aids (Digital Class)


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Primary education is the foundation on which the development of every citizen and the nation as a whole built on. In recent years we have achieved tremendous progress in the scenario of primary education. We have given importance to character formation communicative skills and moral values. Classroom learning process held through activity oriented methods which help to create a learner centered environment and also provides computer assisted instruction through digital class rooms. Students’ all round performances are efficiently evaluated via Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation as per the norms prescribed by the CBSE.


BCMPS has taken keen attention for the character formation of the students to lead a good life and to ensure them to think logically and act wisely. We provide chances to enhance the intellectual skills and thinking ability of the students by adopting distinct methods of teaching and discourse level activities and promoting co-operative learning environment for the students.

The mainstream curriculum for secondary classes is formed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It initiates the students to think beyond the limits of text book learning. The regular subjects like English, Science, Social science and Mathematics areoffered together with the optional subjects like Malayalam and Hindi. The three language system is followed up to Class VIII. Every Friday there will be a special session for Moral Science, to uplift the students’ character traits and to make them gentle in their approach and kind in their deeds. We observe/celebrate all days of importance and organize inter-house competitions associated with them.